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Take Your Business To The Next Level

In the past, not a lot of people were familiar with the importance of a website. But with the increase in website development companies across India, people realized the significance of creating a high-end website. A well-designed website can do wonders for you! It can let the world know that your business exists and users can shop from the convenience of their home. It also allows your website viewable on phones, tablets and other devices.

Website development and Redesign

At Poeisistech, we pride ourselves in being a trusted custom website development company by providing excellent work at affordable packages. We offer some of the finest services to our clients such as:

  • A Valid set of code for proper website functioning
  • Error and bug-free website
  • Optimized website to have a user-friendly experience
  • SEO Friendly website
  • Fast Loading time
  • Using high-end tools & technologies
  • Round the clock back-end support
  • A wide range of services which are customized under the specifications of the clients

Some Features of Website development and Redesign

If you have been looking out for someone who will handle your website development, then you are at the right place! We, at Poeisistech, offer an abundance of services such as customized web application development, e-commerce solutions, mobile app development, and SEO services

  • Customized Application

    Outsource website development to us and leave all your worries behind, because we will ensure that you have an application that meets your requirements and the expectation your own clientele!

  • E-commerce

    Taking your business to the greatest heights becomes so much easier with our e-commerce solutions. From stunning catalogues to easy payment methods, we can do it all for you.

  • CMS Development

    Words can weave magic, but ensuring the right words are always on your website, takes effort. Our team can create the ideal content management system, so that you can make additions, deletions and changes with incredible ease.

  • Mobile Application Development

    Take your business to the next level with our range of mobile application development services and never miss a client ever again.

  • Flash Development

    An images with an effect highlighting your business services is worth it. Give us an idea and we will turn it into a flash image.

Custom Software Development

We are in the age where competition is immense, and distinguishing your brand solely on the basis of your product and service aids in becoming more and more challenging. In a scenario like this, customers tend to flock to brands that they observe will offer better value in comparison to their competitors. Delivering superior customer experience is a great way to create this value. With years of tech expertise and a full commitment to delivering front line products and services, poeisistech has grown into a team of professionals capable of addressing client’s business challenges by providing custom software development services such as web and mobile application development, cloud computing, UI, UX and more. Our team of skilled professionals have a proven track record in creating custom software solutions for large, medium and small sized organisations all across the globe.

Some Features of Custom Software Development

  • Time Management

    Custom software should include the ability to schedule tasks and set reminders.

  • Ease of Use

    There is usually a steep learning curve, after which you become accustomed to the software.

  • Security

    Well-designed custom software can offer greater levels of security than ordinary software. This can come in a number of ways, including access control and validation; tighter user controls and lack of excessive features.

  • Migration

    Whether the client is already running an existing software or is migrating from other software, the new solution must account for migration of existing records.

  • Automation

    This is a key attribute of any custom software solution. In addition to manual and repetitive tasks, the software should automate tasks, for instance supply chain management, forecasting, purchasing or invoice generation.

  • Easy Integration

    The power of custom software should be harnessed to tie-in as much of the business onto an interconnected platform which can store and leverage information. For instance, in the case of CRM and sales teams.

Migration of Server Platform

You’re always on the hunt for ways to make your business more efficient and productive. Sometimes, this means server migration is necessary. Server migration is a delicate and complex process that presents many questions. We handle it all, including virtual server migration, mail server migration, and cloud server migration. However, when choosing Poeisis tech, you can assume rapid deployment and minimal downtime.

Contact us today and we will help you tackle all your server migration projects.

Some Features of Migration of Server Platform

As your business grows, so will the need for transferring data and files from one server to another. Let the experts at Poeisistech guide you to success. We have years of experience building custom server migration solutions to handle large amounts of data as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our server migration services include

  • Public Cloud Hosting Support

    As many businesses adopt Amazon Web Services or other cloud systems, they need managed service providers (MSPs) to assist with server migration and ongoing support. Our assistance team is available 24x7 to ensure your network’s availability and performance.

  • Mail Server Migration

    We help you extract and move all emails, appointments, contacts, and other tasks from one email provider to another.

  • Application Hosting

    If you are a growing business, it is vital that your applications need to be hosted and maintained properly. Poeisistech partners with software vendors and resellers in search of a cloud-based solution for their customers. Our systems provide you with a reliable and secure cloud-hosted environment, ensuring complete security to your customers.

  • Migrating Hosts

    If you are migrating to a new server but using the same host, you will not have to worry about migrating hosts. However, if you are moving files to a new server with a new host, you will need to plan to migrate hosts. Migrating hosts refers to the process of moving data from one host server to another host server.

  • Data Backup

    Nervous about server migration? We’ll store, monitor, and back up your crucial business data. We can built-in standby server platform which will run the most recent server image until a disabled device is replaced.

Support and Maintenance

With years of experience in IT and software maintenance and support, Poeisistech helps companies set up and run preventive maintenance and on-demand support of applications and their infrastructures. Choose the maintenance strategy that will fit in your business requirement and effectively resolve issues while bridging gaps in your IT ecosystem. As a leading software Maintenance and support organisation, we provide expert support and a wide array of maintenance services for your enterprise product.

Some Features of Support and Maintenance

  • Secure and Stable App

    Discover end to end application maintenance and support service models.

  • Minimal Downtime

    Ensure minimal downtime with your applications running effectively.

  • High Performance

    Now access deep evaluation of your software's performance

  • Feature Customization

    Deploy industry experts to conduct deep analyses of your business while remaining aligned to your niche